So what is it that we really do? OK, using state of the art 3D LIDAR scanners, we capture a precise 3D version of a real world building or property. The data is then imported to modeling software to create accurate 2D and 3D models to use for many applications like designing, evaluating or assessing progress on a project to name a few. 

3D scanning allows us to collect the as-is or as-built conditions on a project quickly, maximizing productivity by spending less time on site for both us and your team. Accurate and up-to-date data is valuable at any stage of any project. 

Why 3D Scanning? 

The AEC industry in general has been a late adopter of technology. The good news is, that as technology advances, 3D Scanning is becoming much more affordable than ever before and you can now form part of the group of professionals that has the advantage by having 3DJAB as part of your tool belt. 

By using technology we reduce human error, increase efficiency, reduce travel time and enhance the information sharing process for your team. 


There's many benefits of using 3D Laser Scanning done by 3DJAB, speed for example is a key one. The most advanced LIDAR scanners we have can capture one million data points per second with a full 360 degrees scan taking under 3 minutes.The resulting point clouds are dimensionally accurate, measurable, and shareable. 















What is a point cloud?

Point Cloud

A point cloud is a set of date points in space, with a lidar scanner we take this points and turn reality into Data, the video above shows a flight inside a mansion in TX, but you are not looking at images, you are looking at information, points of data organized to show you a digital representation of reality. 

Virtual Tour

A virtual tour is a set of images organized into a format that can be "walked' virtually, what you are looking at here, are images of the actual place. 

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